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Stone-paved backyard lit up with solar lights

Smaller Decorative Hardscape Ideas

Thinking about adding some more detailing to your yard?

When we think of hardscaping, we often imagine large structures and big changes. Don’t be fooled, you don’t need to install a whole new deck or patio to spice up your yard. Adding smaller design options and accents can work to highlight what is already working with your outdoor living space. Consider these smaller, hardscaping additions.

Water Features

A sleek water feature that adds a soothing feel to your landscaping. Pro tip- Stick to a smaller and more shallow water element that’s easier to maintain but still offers that sense of tranquility and curb appeal. High-maintenance water features can be expensive to maintain and could hurt the appeal to potential buyers if you were to sell down the road.

Boulders and Rocks

Landscaping with boulders and rocks has become a popular way for homeowners to add curb appeal to their yards. Big rocks can be tucked into garden beds, in line with bushes, or be used to create eye catching focal points and more. They obviously can be found in a wide variety of colors, shapes, and sizes allowing endless options to create borders, walls, or simple designs!

Whimsical Design

Even smaller and more detailed design options are a cost-efficient way to bring a little extra pop of color or life to your outdoor living space. Some great options for whimsical design include:

  • Rope lights on deck rails or your pergola
  • Pillows or cushions for outdoor furniture with different textures or patterns
  • Small ground light ornaments such as solar powered walkway lights
  • Light reflecting orbs for your garden
  • Statues or sculptures
  • Lower-tone wooden wind chimes


Hardscaping is a surefire way to add that extra oomph and curb appeal to your home. Contact the professionals at Exterior Enterprises to get help with design ideas and get a quote!

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