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Fire burning in a backyard stone fire pit

Custom Fire Pit Installation

Considering installing a fire pit in your backyard?

Custom fire pits are one of the most popular hardscape choices for homeowners in Minnesota. They add a beautiful touch and ambiance to your outdoor living space. Enjoying smores over a wood-burning fire with your family, or a glass of wine and good conversation with friends. Fire pits create a cozy meeting space to connect with your loved ones. There are several things to keep in mind when considering a firepit for your home.


Placement is always a main item to consider when installing any new hardscape feature, especially with outdoor firepits. This can depend on many things such as, existing hardscape designs, size of space you have to work with, or the proximity to the home. The right location will also depend on the type of fire pit as well. A wood-burning fire pit generates a lot of heat and smoke, making it best to place further away from your home. Gas fire pits can be closer to your home or other structures.

Wood or Gas

This mainly comes down to personal preference, as both have their own advantages and disadvantages. Your final decision may come down to numerous factors such as cost, convivence, and maintenance.

Gas fire pits are more expensive considering a gas line must be installed, which would add to the cost of installation. However, they have an ease of use when compared to wood-burning, since you can have fire with the push of a button.

Wood-burning fire pits are more inexpensive and quicker to install. Many people prefer wood-burning for the ambiance and traditional feel, and things like roasting marshmallows! However, you’ll need to always keep firewood on hand, and it can take a bit of time to get a fire going.

Portable or Built-In

Portable can sound like a convenient way to go and may work for some. However, they are cheaper quality, so they aren’t made to last, and they offer very limited design options. Built-in fire pits offer great customization and are assembled with quality materials to create a fixture that is built to last.

We can work with you to design a custom paver or stone firepit for your home! If you have your heart set on it or are maybe just curious to get a quote, contact us! The Exterior Enterprises team has years of hardscaping experience and is ready to help bring your vision to life.

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