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Paver Walkway

4 Benefits of Paver Walkways

Why Install a Paver Walkway on Your Property?

The walkways to your home offer an opportunity to add aesthetic appeal for you, your visitors, or a future potential buyer. Pavers offer a multitude of design and color options to add curb appeal to your home and garden. Benefits of installing a paver walkway include…

Design Options

Paver materials can include concrete, natural stone, and brick. They come in a wide variety of shapes sizes, colors, and textures, and they can be arranged in different patterns to customize the look of your walkway.


Pavers provide good traction for less chance of slipping and falling. Creating a consistent, flat surface to follow throughout your garden and landscaping. Their durability creates steady ground and reliability that will last.


One of the wonderful aspects of pavers is that they can be individually replaced or repositioned. Over time, if the ground shifts or one were to crack or become damaged, it’s a simple swap rather than replacing large areas of pavement. This makes pavers a very environmentally friendly option. Better yet, you can even reuse pavers easily as well!


Like mentioned above, it’s common for the ground to shift, including expanding or contracting. Pavers resist resettling or cracking and last for decades! The simple upkeep and need for less frequent repairs helps to enhance their long-term value.

In Conclusion

Whether you’re building or renovating a new home, redoing your landscaping, or just want to add something more, look no further than a new paver walkway installation. Exterior Enterprises will expertly install brick paved walkways at your Twin Cities metro residence so you can enjoy the long-lasting beauty of a custom-patterned walkway that adds character and function while increasing property values. If you’re ready to increase the value and curb appeal of your home, contact the Exterior Enterprises team to get a quote and discuss your options today!

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