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Award Winning Design and Installation

Our services

Innovative techniques combined with cutting edge materials help us create a special connection to your property.

We now offer Maintenance Free Steps for back sliders or any stair application year-round! The steps feature options like LED lighting, Aluminum railings, and we use the highest-quality composite materials. Click HERE for more information!

The paver patios, stone deck overlays, and other custom features we install are all unique to each client’s yard and site conditions. One thing that sets our work apart is the attention to details like soil conditions, drainage issues, potential threats to the structural integrity of our work and the homes of our clients.

The unique designs we have installed over the last 15 years have been featured worldwide in magazines, newspapers, and product catalogs, including the cover of a major manufacturer right here in the Twin Cities.

Paver Installation

Our brick and paver patios are warrantied for 5 years against structural defects. We use 6 inches of compacted crushed gravel base and underlayment material beneath our base that keeps the gravel from mixing with the dirt and clay to ensure our projects stand the test of time.

Paver Driveways

Can you use pavers for a driveway?

Pavers have been used for municipal applications like streets and sidewalks around the world and can be plowed/ shoveled just like any other pavement. We use 10 to 12 inches of compacted gravel base and underlayment fabric to make sure the blocks have a solid foundation.

Paver Walkways

Our paver walkways meant for pedestrian use get the same treatment as our patios. 5 year warranty against defects.

Structural Retaining Walls

We have provided solutions for difficult situations where others would not. The reason we can take these projects on is that we have years of experience and a support network that includes structural engineers and geo-technical specialists to rely on.

Outdoor Kitchens

We install all kinds of hardscape features including bars and outdoor kitchens. These features are all designed and built custom for each situation and take a special level of craftsmanship to build right.

Snow Plow and Removal

Our professional snow plow and removal team at Exterior Enterprises can handle any type of snowfall the sky throws our way.

Other Landscape Services

Typically when most people think about Hardscape - patios, sidewalks, and retaining walls come to mind. Today, the term Hardscape is much broader and has come to include projects like pergolas, decks, water features, fire features, and custom one of a kind ideas. We love to build with stone and block, but wood is a huge component of Hardscape design that does not always get the recognition it deserves. Here are some projects that don’t fit the traditional hardscape mold, we are always looking to add unique, custom features that no one has done before.

Exterior Enterprises did an incredible job rebuilding my retaining wall. I would easily recommend them to everyone who needs landscape work. Paul is a breeze to deal with and offered great ideas for our space.

Nick Lavely

Nick Lavely