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Walkway Designs

Walkways that will last a lifetime

A planned out walkway structure is one of the most important aspects of yard design.

As far as utility goes, walkways provide a means of strolling through a yard without disturbing the grass. Of course, this is the most important, practical aspect.

Visually, however, a finely laid out network of walkways leads the eye through the yard and draws attention to areas that would otherwise be hidden.

Walkways open up space, provide a safe way to traverse the yard and create a sense of cleanliness and order. It also increases the curb appeal of your yard, increasing your property’s overall value.

You may be wondering what the difference is between walkways and pathways. A pathway is a trail made from natural materials, such as mulch or loose gravel. Walkways are constructed from more robust materials, such as concrete or paver blocks. Walkways are also usually wider, allowing for two pedestrians to pass each other, while pathways are narrower.

Exterior Enterprises installs top quality paver walkways in Minnesota. Browse our gallery for ideas, but keep in mind that every yard has its own story.

None of our hardscaping yard solutions are cookie-cutter default projects. Contact Exterior Enterprises and we will find the perfect landscaping solution for your Minnesota household!

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