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10 Hardscapes Worth the Investment

10 Hardscapes Worth The Investment

No matter what you like to do outside, there’s a hardscape for you. Here are 10 hardscapes that can add beauty and functionality to your outdoor living space!

Paver Patio

Paver patios offer a beautiful and durable surface for your outdoor sitting area. Decorate your paver patio with outdoor furniture, lighting, flower planters and more. Pavers are built to last and will create a patio that can become a meeting place for family and friends for years to come.

Sitting Walls

A sitting wall is the perfect way to add extra seating around the perimeter of the patio! It looks beautiful and is a great place to sit. Like other hardscapes, it can be customizable, so you have a place to add planters, lighting, or other fixtures!

Grill Surround

Adding a grill surround to your patio is perfect if you’re an avid griller! The grill surround can be made with the same materials to match your patio. Additionally, a granite countertop could also be added to give you more cooking space or a place to set your favorite beverage.

Landscaped Walkways

Walkways make your yard functional and can add a well-designed flow to your outdoor living space. A landscaped walkway made with the same pavers as your patio (or a different martial to create a beautiful accent) can easily take you from the patio to a backdoor, side door, garden, or driveway.


Fencing can be functional and beautiful! Whether you are looking for privacy, or an enclosed yard for kids and pets, there are tons of fencing options to choose from. They can be customized with different colors, materials, gates, styles, and even lighting!

Retaining Wall

Does your yard have a steep slope? Retaining walls are used to level out the yard making it flat and functional, perfect to add something such as a patio. A Retaining wall can also be used to contain soil on the sides of your yard, making the yard more visually appealing.

Water Features

These can be as simple as a bubbling boulder or fountain but can also be as extravagant as an ornamental fishpond that includes a waterfall. Furthermore, ornamental ponds really create a backyard oasis where you can spend time enjoying the soothing sounds and ambiance.

Fire Pit

Adding a fire pit to your yard, either included in the patio or off the patio, is a great place to spend evenings with friends and family. Fire pits can be wood burning or have a gas insert. Outdoor fireplaces or your own wood-burning pizza ovens are another way to make your outdoor living space more functional and enjoyable!


If your backyard is very sunny, you might want to consider a pergola on your patio to offer you some shade in the hot summer months. Pergolas can be simple and free-standing or elaborate and tied onto the back of the house. They can be customized with lighting, climbing plants, or hanging baskets too!

Landscape Lighting

Landscape lighting makes your yard come to life after the sun sets.  It can be as simple as path lights along with the patio or walkway, string lights on your pergola, or lighting on top of your fence posts! Lighting options can range from solar to electrical and there are lots of design options to choose from.

Looking to Add a Hardscape to Your Home?

Overall, hardscapes are a great way to connect your home to your yard. Especially by adding more functional square footage to your living space. They’re a worthy investment for the resale value of your house but also for you to enjoy now while you own your home. There are important considerations in terms of skill level when considering who is designing and installing the hardscape and landscape portions of your project. Luckily, the professionals at Exterior Enterprises have 20+ years of experience! Our team can work together with you to discuss different design options and make your dreams come to life.

Thinking about completing a new project such as new a new patio? Or maybe interested in Outdoor kitchensFire pitsRetaining walls, or Pergolas? Having a beautiful and well-designed yard can greatly increase curb appeal and the value of your home. Contact the Exterior Enterprises team to get a quote!