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Walls You Want in Your Backyard

Walls for Your Outdoor Living Space

Professionally designed and installed hardscapes such as stone walls add a beautiful touch and functionality to a backyard. Here are some examples of different walls you may want to consider for your next outdoor project…

Retaining Walls

A retaining wall is a structure that holds or retains soil behind it. There are many types of materials that can be used to create retaining walls like concrete blocks, poured concrete, treated timbers, rocks or boulders. Some are easy to use, others have a shorter life span, but all can retain soil. There are countless designs when incorporated with landscaping that can really add curb appeal to your home!

Seating Walls

A seating wall is a short wall that is purposefully designed so that it can also be used for seating. It can be a great way to double the value of a retaining wall that you already need for erosion purposes. But seat walls can also solely be built for aesthetics and for seating (even if a retaining wall isn’t functionally needed). These can be perfect around patios, firepits, near a waterfront, etc!


Privacy Walls

Privacy walls or screens can be made up of many different materials such as fencing, wood, brick, and more. The material you choose depends on the location, how permanent you want it to be, and the desired aesthetic. Their sole purpose is to shield the neighbors or other peoples view of different areas of your yard. These are commonly used around patios, kitchen areas, hot tubs, or wherever you would like a bit more privacy!

Thinking About a New Hardscape Installation? Contact Exterior Enterprises!

There are important considerations in terms of skill level when considering who is designing and installing the hardscape and landscape portions of your project. Luckily, the pros at Exterior Enterprises have 20+ years of experience! The professionals at Exterior Enterprises can work together with you to discuss different design options and make your dreams come to life.

Thinking about completing a new project such as new a new patio? Or maybe interested in Outdoor kitchensFire pitsRetaining walls, or Pergolas? Having a beautiful and well-designed yard can greatly increase curb appeal and the value of your home. Contact the Exterior Enterprises team to get a quote!