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Backyard waterfall made of rocks

Outdoor Water Features

Adding a Water Feature to Your Backyard

Whether you’re looking to mask noise from a nearby busy road or simply add some tranquility into your backyard, a sleek water feature can add a soothing feel to your landscaping.

Backyard water features come in many different sizes and complexities. High-maintenance water features can be expensive to maintain and could hurt the appeal to potential buyers if you were to sell down the road. Consider sticking to a smaller and more shallow water element that’s easier to maintain but still offers that sense of tranquility and curb appeal. 3 of the most common types are–


A pond is typically what people envision when you say, “outdoor water feature”. If properly constructed and balanced, a pond can be pretty low maintenance. They can be small or large, and incorporate things like boulders, waterfalls, or bubblers.

Water Features without Ponds

A “pond-less” water feature is a waterfall system that cascades into a concealed reservoir covered with stone. This incorporates the tranquil sounds of running water without the maintenance of an open pond.


Fountains that continually circulate their water are the simplest water feature to have. Water collects in the basin at the bottom and is pumped back up to the top. Fountains can be small or large, and come in many different artistic shapes and styles!

If you’re looking to add some new hardscape features to your yard this summer, contact the professionals at Exterior Enterprises to discuss your options and get a quote! We can help you determine the features that would fit best in your yard, along with design options.