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Retaining wall enclosing a raised garden

3 Basic Types of Retaining Walls

Types of Retaining Walls and Their Purpose

Gravity Retaining Wall

Using sheer weight and mass to hold soil at bay, this is the most common type of retaining wall. Since installation for this is mainly considering weight, these allow for the widest amount of variety when it comes to materials. Including bricks, pavers, and stone as just a few design options. Shorter walls may not require additional reinforcements, however, taller walls may require at least a small trench to be dug for the wall to sit into.

Sheet Piling Retaining Wall

These are typically used when space is an issue. A sheet pile retaining wall is a thin wall of steel, wood, or vinyl that is driven directly into the soil. Generally, sheet pilings will only work in softer soils. A good rule of thumb is that you must get 1/3 of the sheet piling driven into the ground.

Anchored Retaining Wall

An anchored retaining is exactly what it sounds like! This method allows for a variety of materials/styles and are supported by anchors. Typically, the anchors are driven into the earth behind them and attached by cables or strips. Furthermore, these anchors can be mechanically driven into the ground and their ends expanded by injecting pressurized concrete or by mechanical means. This method is used when there is a need for additional support to any of the above options and is often used for structurally thinner walls or ones with heavier loads to bear.

Who to Hire for Retaining Wall Installation in The Twin Cities Metro?

Hiring the people who mow your lawn to engineer and install your retaining wall could be a costly mistake. Our professional team can pre-engineer structural walls and we include Geotechnical Engineers in the process to ensure the walls we build will last a lifetime. Reach out to the professionals at Exterior Enterprises to discuss your options, the process, and to get a quote!

We service the Minneapolis/St. Paul Metro area, primarily the South Metro! Including Lakeville, Apple Valley, Burnsville, Prior Lake, Eagan, Farmington, & more! Contact us for all your retaining wall installation needs.