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Elevate your Space with our Maintenance Free Exterior Stair System!

We are introducing a line of beautiful composite steps to bridge the gap and provide a cost effective, permanent solution for homeowners. Our steps feature options like premium maintenance free decking, LED lighting and aluminum railings.

From the Owner:
"In my line of work, I bump into building inspectors regularly. Years ago, one of those inspectors shared a horror story with me that ignited a desire to create a solution for this problem. A contractor built a large set set of concrete steps for their client. The weight of the steps created pressure on the home's foundation walls and over time, caused a crack in the foundation. This led to a leak, which caused mold and water damage in the client's recently finished basement. That is when I decided to start research and development of a better way to provide our clients with a beautiful, permanent stair option that would protect our clients from costly structural issues."

Drop and Click Steps!

Get the look of professionally installed Composite Stairs at a fraction of the cost with our new innovative Stacked stair system!
Light weight and sturdy, this innovative solution does not require a permit, frost footings or expensive modification to your home's siding.
Designed and built with high quality materials to provide safety, portability, no maintenance, and permanent durability! Crafted from ground-contact timber, encased in a beautiful maintenance-free shell, these stairs can be placed directly on the ground, even before your patio is installed. Once your patio is ready, you have the flexibility to relocate and reinstall them seamlessly, providing unparalleled portability!  Available with customizable enhancements like LED lighting and railings!

A “temporary” step…8 years ago

Our composite steps with railing and LED Lighting

Beautiful permanent steps that wont break the bank

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