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How Many Gates For A New Fence?

How Many Gates Should My New Fence Have?

Installing a new residential fence takes some planning! Gates are an important feature to consider and deserve a bit of thought! Here are some points to consider before you get too far in planning your next fencing project…

 Size of Your Property and Fence Location

With a smaller lot, a single walk-through gate may be all you need. If it is on the larger side, you may consider having two gates so you can access your yard from different points on your property.

However, if your fence acts as a boundary between a neighbor or an alley/road, it’s unlikely you would need a gate in an area such as that. However, it’s important to consider different scenarios in which it may be necessary to determine what is best for you!

Accessibility and Functionality

It’s important to consider are the entry points you may need for, lawn care, recreational vehicles, or access to sheds and storage areas. Not only for your everyday needs, but potential needs in the future.

  • Fencing over a driveway? A wide double gate will provide easy access to and from the home.
  • Do you hire out lawn care? A wide single gate will provide them access with their equipment or wide lawn mower.
  • Do you have any boats, trailers, or RVs that you want to store on your property? A double gate may be best to ensure easy access!

Types of Fence Gates

Single/Standard Gates:  Single-door gates are the standard; they are usually the same height as the rest of the fence and include just one swinging door. They can feature a wide variety of design elements from latticework to arched tops and are available in different widths!

Double Gates:  Adding an additional gate to create a double gate allows easy entry for larger items, such as lawn equipment, and recreational vehicles.

Pool Gates: Not only are they functional and decorative, but they also provide security to keep your family safe. Some areas also require pools to be fenced in and gated for safety.

Why Hire Exterior Enterprises?

Aside from professional installation, you can look to us for all fence maintenance and repair needs. Our fencing technicians can address gates that no longer close, posts that may have loosened, fence panels that sag, and any other issues you experience over time. We will be there to help keep your fence in tip top shape!

You can count on us to haul off the debris, so you don’t have to! We are one of the few local companies that do fencing and landscaping. Exterior Enterprises is your One-Stop Shop for all your home landscaping and fencing needs! Reach out to us today to get a quote and discuss your options.