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A deck is not always the answer

Willow Creek Slatestone Bleu -Versa-Lok Standard steps, seat walls and Columns with inset Slatestone Accents

Not all decks are created equal

The fact is that elevated decks are fantastic for basement walkouts but installing an elevated deck that is only a foot or two off the ground can invite some major issues down the road.

My first home had a deck elevated 20″ off the ground and I got a great taste of what it is like to live with one of these rodent hotels.

I found that bunnies love to breed under short decks, they breed fast too. That was only the beginning, The deck covered an egress window and worse yet, the ground around my home’s foundation had settled creating negative water flow under the deck pushing water back at my house. There is little air flow under these decks and it creates stagnant conditions that encourage mold and mildew growth.

My client was weighing his options in regard to which direction he would go when I met with him. This paver patio allows us to control flow, eliminate insect and animal infestation and does not interfere with any basement windows.

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